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Acoustic Fabrics
suede fabric acoustic


Cineca's suede like fabric, beautiful feel and look

- 30 colours

- 150cm Linear width

acoustic fabric

Lines - roomhigh 300cm

acoustic fabric

Screen - 140cm wide (out of collection 2022)

All our fabrics have passed our test for acoustic absorption quality.

acoustic fabric

Spezia - roomhigh 300cm


Bora - roomhigh 310cm


Bose FR - roomhigh 300cm

acoustic fabric

Spiral​ - 135cm wide (out of collection 2022)


Chantan - roomhigh 298cm


ALD - roomhigh 300cm

Spezia, Ald, Base, Chantan and Spiral have passed our test for acoustic transparency. You can place speakers behind the fabric without experiencing sound quality loss.

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